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New Service Connection procedure is made easy through Web Self Service, Now consumer can apply for new service connection for 3 phase with load 5 KW and above , temporary connection online.
New Service Connection Processing Fee Rs 200 and Tatkal charges Rs 800 for Domestic and Rs 1100 for Commercial connection.
To apply for Domestic connection consumer have to select main categary as LMV-1 and Supply type as Domestic Other Metered Urban- Other than Life Line(10).
To apply for Commercial connection consumer have to select main category as LMV-2 and Supply type Non-Domestic Other Metered (20).
The consumer can upload support documents through online or He/She can submit at concern Sub-Division, Customer must carry the following documents for registration purposes.
Consumer can check status of new service connection under Customer Service menu.
  • Proof of Ownership.
  • Identity Proof
  • Other Supporting documents
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