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Respected Consumers,

Electricity is central to achieving economic, social and environmental objectives of sustainable human development. In fact it has become essential ingredient for improving the quality of life and its absence is usually associated with poverty and poor quality of life. As many of you may be aware Kanpur Electricity Supply Company Ltd., formerly KESA, was restructured as a company on 14 January 2000 under U.P. Electricity reform act 1999. This company is registered for distribution of electricity in the area under Kanpur City (Urban). KESCo is serving more than 5 lakhs consumer in and around Kanpur urban area. I believe in bringing reforms in the organization which helps in better service to the consumer while maintaining highest standard of professionalism and honesty. Though it has not been a long association but i have tried to analyze and segment the existing problems of consumers. I have come to conclusion that these problems fall in following three categories .The conclusion have been drawn from my morning interactions with the consumers in my office, the evening distress calls from various areas of Kanpur and from my own subordinates.

(1) Problems of new service connections, permanent disconnections and load enhancement, Meter change, lack of bill advice for meter change, and assessment in raid cases and its regularization online. For addressing these problems the two new schemes have been introduced. Single Window System has been started to solve Problems of new service connections, permanent disconnections and load enhancement. M- Drishti scheme has been launched to solve Problems of lack of bill advice for meter change, and assessment in raid cases and its regularization online.

(2) Many of you during morning complaint meeting sessions have come up with the problem regarding bill payment. I have also during my visits to few cash collection centres saw the situation of long queues on cash collection windows. I have been trying hard to open as many avenues as I can lay my hands on for consumers to deposit their bills. These new options are -:

(a) New options for bill payment
1. Net Banking
2. Payment Gate way.
3. Payment through Mobile Phone.
4. Payment through ATM.
5. Pay from home.
i. For consumers other than Bulk through Meter readers trough cheque. ii. For selected non defaulter Bulk consumers by KESCO employee trough cheque. (iii) In addition to above billing SMS are being sent to update consumers about their bills. (iv) Drop Down Boxes for cheque collection.

(3)Gap of communication during break downs/Roasting/shut down. .I have tried to bridge this gap with the help of a new scheme known as "urjamitra" .you can view the major features of this scheme here it self on website .But I need not emphasise that you should come to register your mobile number in large numbers to take advantage of this scheme.

We have already established Call Centre (Toll Free No. 1912) where all type of Complaints may be lodged.

I request you again to interact with me through this website regarding your views, feedbacks and complaints.

Wishing you a bright future.
Save Energy.
With Regards,
Mr. Samuel Paul N (I.A.S)
Managing Director KESCO
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